To run an extracted model on port 2222, run the following:

$ java -jar dbpedia-spotlight.jar http://localhost:2222/rest

For more information, see our Wiki.

If you use this work in your research, please cite:

Pablo N. Mendes, Max Jakob, Andrés García-Silva and Christian Bizer. DBpedia Spotlight: Shedding Light on the Web of Documents. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Semantic Systems (I-Semantics). Graz, Austria, 7–9 September 2011.

title = {DBpedia Spotlight: Shedding Light on the Web of Documents},
author = {Pablo N. Mendes and Max Jakob and Andres Garcia-Silva and Christian Bizer},
year = {2011},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Semantic Systems (I-Semantics)},
abstract = {Interlinking text documents with Linked Open Data enables the Web of Data to be used as background knowledge within document-oriented applications such as search and faceted browsing.
 As a step towards interconnecting the Web of Documents with the Web of Data, we developed DBpedia Spotlight, a system for automatically annotating text documents with DBpedia URIs. 
DBpedia Spotlight allows users to configure the annotations to their specific needs through the DBpedia Ontology and quality measures such as prominence, topical pertinence, 
contextual ambiguity and disambiguation confidence. We compare our approach with the state of the art in disambiguation, and evaluate our results in light of three baselines 
and six publicly available annotation systems, demonstrating the competitiveness of our system. DBpedia Spotlight is shared as open source and deployed as a Web Service 
freely available for public use.}

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